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We are a couple of regular people who happen to like to sing, make music, act, dance, tumble, entertain, work-out, act completely ridiculous, fly through the air and toss each other around (the word ‘circus’ comes to mind). Although we have been coaches and educators in the performance world for over 18 years, Blaine in music and gymnastics and Jesi in dance, we are probably better known for having FUN and living a passionate life more then anything else we’ve ever done. We are now the proud parents of three boys and are training them to be passion pursuers even when faced with life adversity.

We are coming out of back to back life altering trials that redefined us as individuals and put our lives on a new path, a more clear direction and an intentionally heart focused kind of journey. We have chosen not to be defined by our trails and hardships but instead we have let them shape us into a better, stronger, heart focused family unit that has an intense burden for the hurting and broken families in our world.

Our FITT Life is the story of our family intentionally training together not only in performance, dance, fitness, gymnastics, music and entertainment but more importantly in everyday life. We do most things together as a family: work, school, work out, train, adventure and play. We are a family intent on learning together to love, to serve, to have healthy relationships, and to lead fit lives all while following our individual passions and pursuing our personal dreams and design. We want to be available for the families seeking to strengthen their family. We hope to encourage other families to be strengthened, for them to come together as a unit, to find their own special niche in this world and to follow where they are being called. In some small way we hope God will use our journey to help heal the pain we have witnessed in the lives of so many young children that we have had the pleasure of training and coaching over the years. We want to shine a light on the things that have broken and torn apart our societies families. We also want to show that tragedy and hardship in your life can be the catalyst that puts you on a road to success if you are willing to persevere, endure, be patient and have unbreakable faith.

Yes, we believe it’s possible.

“With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

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